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We work closely with local property owners to handle a range of professional tree services.

Tree Services in Farragut, TennesseeCaring for the trees on your property can be challenging. There are some tasks that a property owner can certainly handle, but others are risky and should be left in the hands of a skilled professional. Certain tasks can cause significant damage to trees if they’re not done correctly or at the right time of the year. For those in and near Farragut, Tennessee, the team at JC’s Tree and Landscape Service is available to provide those services on your property. We work closely with local property owners to handle a range of professional tree services.

One of the tree services that many of our clients rely on us for is tree removal. When you need to remove a tree for any reason, trying to do it yourself can be extremely dangerous. After all, the movement of a falling tree is very unpredictable, so you could threaten your safety or cause significant property damage. Even if you do figure out how to down the tree safely, you’ll have a lot of debris to deal with and a stump that remains behind. Our team members can perform tree removal safely and effectively, and we’ll even take care of the stump removal as part of the service.

Other tree services that we provide include stump grinding, tree trimming, and land clearing. We’re also available to provide ongoing maintenance to protect your trees and maintain their health. We also recommend seasonal tree services to have the necessary tasks performed at the right time of the year.

At JC’s Tree and Landscape Service, we offer tree services in Knoxville, Seymour, Lenoir City, Farragut, and Amherst, Tennessee.


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