The 3 Benefits of Stump Removal

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Are the tree stumps on your property unsightly, or do they create an issue with your landscape that you really don’t like?

The 3 Benefits of Stump Removal

There are numerous reasons to get rid of stumps in your yard, but it can also be tempting to put this project off until later…and later just never happens. Whether you have had to cut a tree and left the stump in your yard, or you’ve inherited a landscape with one or more stumps, you may have decided that it’s time for stump removal once and for all. Here are three major benefits of stump removal for any property:

1.      Safety – One of the primary reasons you may want to schedule tree stump removal is because of safety. Depending on the location of the stump, it could be in a place where a tripping hazard is created for someone walking by. This type of tree stump can also be a safety concern when it comes to mowing and lawn maintenance.

2.      Aesthetics – If the stumps on your property aren’t necessarily in an unsafe location, they could still be creating a problem for your landscape aesthetics. Stump removal is a great way to smooth out the landscape and plant something that will actually beautify the area.

3.      Prevention – Did you know that stumps can also be a home for pests that may eventually affect your healthy trees? Stump removal is a good way to keep unwanted pests away from your healthy plants, and you can also prevent the existing stump from sprouting into a new tree that you weren’t planning for.

When you call our tree professionals at JC’s Tree and Landscape Service, you’ll find us equipped to handle all of your tree services including stump removal. If you have questions about how to get rid of stumps on your property or you’d like to schedule stump removal for your home or business, give us a call today.