Four Indicators You Should Plan for Tree Removal

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While it would be nice if we could keep all of the trees on our property, there are times when tree removal is absolutely necessary. If you are taking stock of your landscape and notice that there are trees that may not be completely healthy, it’s time to assess whether to schedule tree removal. Here are four indicators that tree removal is a must:

1.      Tree Damage – If 50% or more of a tree is damaged, tree removal will be an important step. It’s critical to manage damaged trees quickly because they pose a threat to the rest of your property. Tree damage can look like a lot of things, but some important indicators would be damage due to a strike by lightning, dead branches falling to the ground, peeling bark and/or cracks in the surface of the trunk.]

Four Indicators You Should Plan for Tree Removal

2.      Rotten or Hollow – Tree removal is also necessary if you notice that the trunk of the tree is rotten or hollow. These types of trees create a safety hazard on your property, especially if there is the potential for a storm to tear branches away from the tree or blow the tree over.

3.      Undesirable Type of Tree – While it would be nice to think that all trees are desirable, the truth is that some tree types are just not as good to have on your property. Certain types of trees are magnets for insects and other pests, which unfortunately will eventually affect desirable trees. Talking with a tree professional about desirable and undesirable tree types will help you decide whether tree removal is necessary.

4.      Tree Health – An obvious indicator of whether you should schedule tree removal is the overall health of the tree. Diseased trees, or trees that have sustained lots of damage, should be removed in order to protect other trees on your property and ensure that your landscape remains safe and healthy.

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