An Arborist is Really a Tree Scientist

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Most of us know that an arborist is a person who deals with trees. Beyond this definition, many people don’t really know what an arborist is or does. The truth is that an arborist is really a tree scientist, and they have made it their mission to learn how to plant, maintain, and care for trees of all shapes and sizes.

An Arborist is Really a Tree Scientist

An arborist is a trained professional who can explain the relationship between trees and the rest of the environment. It’s kind of like they speak tree language! For example, if you’re planning to plant new trees on a property, an arborist would be able to tell you which types of trees will work best for your landscape and how to plant them so that they will thrive. This includes proper techniques for watering, trimming, and mulching so that the trees are protected and well-fed during each stage of growth.

Another important part of what an arborist does is diagnosing tree problems and developing the best methods for tree care. Different species of trees require different types of nutrients, amounts of water, and maintenance in order to achieve their healthiest state. Working with a tree professional can help you ensure that all of the trees on your property are going to remain healthy for their entire lifespan.

When it’s time to remove a tree, or you are planning tree pruning, an arborist will give you best practices for managing this project so that all other trees remain safe and healthy. They can also help you manage tree removal so that none of the structures on your property are in danger. It’s especially important to remember that tree removal should always be done by a professional.

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